Mahalatime #datafree App

Mahalatime #datafree App


The cheapest pre paid airtime in South Africa

How do I install #datafree APK app files?

Mahalatime (Pty) Limited, an early start-up company operating in the Mobile Communications Industry, brings affordable mobile communication to everyone in South Africa. The company delivers mobile calls, initiated by an Android APP, to any mobile user in SA at a very low cost.

Mahalatime is #datafree which means you will not use any data when you use the app. New users will get 5 free minutes of calling.

Using this app is 100% #datafree - no catch! Mahalatime is #datafree on MTN, Vodacom, Cell C & Telkom, all you can eat for zero data cost! Use the app even when you have no airtime or data balance. Mahalatime really is #datafree!

Click the APK links to download apps directly from this #datafree website without reducing your airtime or data balance.

This app is #datafree which means it does not use any of your airtime or data bundle balance - it’s 100% #datafree! (South Africa: MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Telkom. Nigeria: MTN).

You can also get this #datafree app on the Google Play store. The initial download will use your mobile data (±9MB) but, after the app is installed, you can use the app #datafree!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use #datafree? apps on an iPhone?

#datafree? apps are currently only available on Android phones (e.g. Samsung, Huawei)

Can I use #datafree? apps with my mobile data switched off?

No, you must keep you your mobile data switched on to use #datafree? apps. However, your airtime and data balance will not reduce. You can even use #datafree? apps when you have zero airtime or data balance!

Can I use #datafree? apps outside of South Africa and Nigeria?

Yes, #datafree? apps can be used anywhere in the world. Although they will use your airtime or data they are extremely efficient so will use much less than other apps or websites.

Can I use #datafree? apps if I don’t have any airtime or data?

Yes! #datafree? apps work perfectly if you have no airtime or data balance.